Frequently Asked Questions about UAS

Q. What is a UAV/UAS?
A. An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/Unmanned Aerial System, also known as a drone. It is a multi-rotor drone that is operated via a remote control by a person on the ground. It is maneuverable and safe.

Q. Is it legal? Where can you fly? What about the FAA?
A. Commercial drone usage is fairly new. The government is still establishing policies regarding the usage of drones. The FAA is actively working towards regulating and certifying drone flights for commercial purposes; however, their policies are not yet defined by official law. As long as our pilots keep our drone within what is known as “Class G” or “uncontrolled” airspace, they remain covered. This is under previously existing legislation relating to model aircraft. This will keep us under 400 feet and away from any airports, other aerial activities and regulated airspace. As long as we stay within our designated fly zones and operate our systems safely, we are cleared for takeoff.

Q. Where can I use the drone?
A. Almost anywhere. The drone is small, lightweight and can fly at low altitudes inside of your facility, warehouse or distribution plant. Vision Positioning technology provides an accurate holding position even when GPS is unavailable. Outside, our options are almost limitless.

Q. Is it safe? Will my equipment, business and people be safe?
A. There is a built in failsafe. If the battery runs low or connection with the remote is lost, the Phantom 3 Professional uses its GPS and Vision Positioning system and smart flight technology to return back to the pilot. Drone sensors will determine the Phantom location and altitude and lower the legs automatically when landing. Our pilots are responsible operators with experience on a vast array of equipment. Some drone operators will fly and operate the camera at the same time. The Inspire 1 features a dual-operator control. This allows the master controller to pilot the aircraft, while the second controller operates the camera. This enables the pilot to focus solely on maintaining a safe flight and the cameraman to capture the best video and photography possible.

Q. How far can you fly?
A. The range of the drone is a little more than one mile. If the drone exceeds that distance, it will automatically return to the takeoff location. However, In accordance with the FAA guidelines, we must maintain a visual line of site of the drone at all times. Depending on visibility, this will keep the drone well under that one mile distance.

Q. How long can you fly?
A. Each battery will last approximately 25 minutes. They recharge quickly and we always bring multiple batteries to each shoot.

Q. What kind of video can you take?
A. We can shoot 4k/1080p quality video, slow motion video, video in full HD and capture 12-megapixel photos.

Q. Where are you located and what areas do you service?
A. All over the world!